Medical Errors In Nursing

Medical Errors In Nursing

Medical Errors In Nursing

It honestly pained me to make this video because I love the show so much, there was actually a time when I would eat, breathe and live off of this show! I do however believe nurses were somewhat misrepresented… let me know what you think down below! Justine xo


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26 Replies to “Medical Errors In Nursing”

  1. i always feel like greys makes nurses seem like these cold hearted care takers who don't interact with patients and just come in take vitals and leave while the doctors get to connect with the patients and hang out with them all day. its the complete opposite.

  2. This is the first "Nurse React to" video I've watched. I've been watching a lot of "Doctor React to" videos, however, there is rarely any other medical professionals reaction videos. If you have time (I know you are probably busy), can you please do more of this type of video to other medical dramas?

  3. Okay, story time. So I have cerebral palsy. As a result, as a young kid, I went to A LOT of physical therapy. I remember after an orthopedic operation I went through I did some therapy with the physical therapist while I was still in the hospital. Years later I was watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy and the surgeons were doing physical therapy with a character for. . . some reason. I remember looking over to my mom and asking, "Mom, why are the surgeons doing the physical therapist's job?" I believe my mom said something to the effect of how the show wants to keep focus on the surgeons. I remember saying something to the effect of, "Okay, but this makes no sense."

  4. I get way more enjoyment out of all the medical scenes, when emergencies come in, hearing whats wrong, what diagnostics they are going to do, or surgery, etc. The other stuff is just fluff that I could do with less of that, but I like the show. ER will always be my fav though. They all have sometimes too much drama.

  5. It’s so funny how these shows completely exaggerate or sometimes even lie about what nursing or healthcare is actually like. It’s super hilarious. I make nursing video similar to this one. Check it out if you ever get a chance. Thanks for the video it was actually funny.

  6. I love this and laughed my tail off. I’ve been a Greys fan since before going to nursing school and every professor jokes about the inaccuracies. I notice them now too but still enjoy the show.

  7. Hi, do u have a cutoff time for how long you spend on each chapter/note making? Please share. I Wally’s run out of time and end up cramming the last few chapters for my exams. Please advice

  8. Hi im a highschool student. I joined the army at 17 (im now 18) with the m.o.s. 68Charlie, which is an LPN. So after i go to BCT and AIT i will get my LPN license. Do colleges accept the LPN courses as credits? Does being an LPN put me further ahead than other students? Im not sure if I would have to a bridge program to get an ADN and then another bridge program for a BSN. Or is it possible to get just go straight to a BSN? (Sorry if this is a complex question. Not very many youtubers are military nurses)

  9. Hahah your first example about how three surgeons ambulating a patient, girl I remember watching that episode and my aunt and uncle (who are both RNs) laughed watching that scene because it's not real life.

  10. I think the "wrongs" are just the facts that should have been real. except the fact that there're very rare nursing scenes. but maybe Shonda tried to say that doctors should be present on every code, doctors should stay with their patients 24/7, doctors should get down to put an I/V. I donno. just saying.

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