Medical Errors Handwriting

Medical Errors Handwriting

Medical Errors Handwriting

Exam Tips – How to attempt the exam paper for Higher Score? Last minute exam taking tips for getting High marks? How to write exam paper ? Topics covered – Time Management, Presentation, content and layout – Tips for scoring High in Exams student success tips, #examtips #class12 #cbse #studytips #exam #net #jeemain see these tips in Hindi

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How To Attempt Examination Paper Better And Get a Higher Score
 READ QUESTION PAPER FIRST 10 MINUTES to make out the questions
 EASIER QUESTIONS FIRST – Attempt the easier questions first. It will help you in two ways – Firstly, as they are easier, it will take lesser time for you to attempt them and secondly, as you the answer well, you will get a higher score.
 DO NOT SPEND EXCESS TIME ON A QUESTION- If you are wasting time pondering over an answer, do not do that. Attempt the other questions first and then go back to that question and answer it.
 TRY TO ATTEMPT ALL QUESTIONS- Do not leave any question unanswered. Even if you do not know the answer, try and write something.
 NEAT – Write neatly so that the examiner is pleased to see the paper. Do not scribble and make your paper untidy.
 LEGIBLE – Your handwriting must be easily readable for the examiner.
 HIGHLIGHT- You can underline important words and ideas in the answer. The checker can see them easily and you can score better.
 POINTS – In whichever answer it is possible, try and write in points rather than a paragraph.
 PRECISE- Write to the point.
 REFERENCE TO TEXT- Answers to the questions based on the text can be made more substantial by inserting clippings from the text to support it.
 YOUR IDEAS- Give your own ideas to support your answer in whichever question it is asked.
 FACTS- Give relevant facts in support of your answer. This is very influential on the examiner and will definitely fetch higher marks.
 WORD LIMIT- In whichever question a word limit is given, be particular about it. Do not exceed it and do not answer below either because either ways it will lead to mark deduction.
 VOCABULARY- Use good words in the answer. As it impresses the examiner, it will fetch better marks.
 SENTENCE STRUCTURE- The sentences should be grammatically correct, else marks could be deducted.
 FORMAT & LAYOUT OF LANGUAGE – Any errors will lead to negative marking.
 SPELLINGS- Avoid spelling mistakes.
 PUNCTUATION- It is very important, especially in language paper. Use punctuation marks wherever required.

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