Medical Errors Action Group

Medical Errors Action Group

Medical Errors Action Group

Seven different statistical tests and a process by which you can decide which to use.

The tests are:
Test for a mean,
test for a proportion,
difference of proportions,
difference of two means – independent samples,
difference of two means – paired,
chi-squared test for independence and

This video draws together videos about Helen, her brother, Luke and the choconutties.
There is a sequel to give more practice choosing and illustrations of the different types of test with hypotheses.


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  1. so maybe someone can help me with this

    I need to do a study where I will be using two surveys on the same group of people
    both are likert scales: Big five inventory (personality traits) the second on the multifactor leadership questionnaire (they can score either high or low in transformational leadership. What statistical tests should I be using. BTW my degree is in psychology not SPSS lol

  2. 8:42 Helen screaminhg at respondents and, PAUSE THE VIDEO if u have self esteem looooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    anyways, thank u so much i am really happy that ur video has taught me alot i was worried about my research papers but now i am feeling satisfied gona subscribe ur channel for sure<3

  3. what should i use if im trying to identify if gentrification causes crime?
    i have a gentrified and a non gentrified area
    and have crime statistics for both area from 2015-18
    URGENT thanks!

  4. Thanks for the help, but the way you implemented the insulting comments such as "Pause the video if you have any kind of self esteem" end up being, to some extent, directed towards those who actually paused the video and thus had the time to read them…

  5. Hi there- is there a playlist that contains videos detailing all of the different tests. I've seen it twice now and don't remember seeing links embedded in the video after describing each test. Maybe I am missing something? But I'd like to learn more in-depth about each type of test

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