How Many Medical Errors Go Unreported

How Many Medical Errors Go Unreported

How Many Medical Errors Go Unreported

Relaxnews (AFP) / / May 4, 2016: The following article was compiled and published by Professor Martin Makary; on medical error being the third largest cause of death in the United States. At least 250,000 people died not from the illnesses or injuries that prompted them to seek hospital care but from preventable mistakes.

That number exceeds deaths from strokes and Alzheimer’s combined, and is topped only by heart disease and cancer, which each claim about 600,000 lives per year.


Nurse’s Suicide Highlights Twin Tragedies of Medical Errors:

Patient Safety and Medical Error Recovery:

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  1. Heart Disease, Cancer, and Medical Error, are the top 3 causes of death in the USA. Although I don't think that medical error should even be in the top 20! What are your thoughts on this show's topic?

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