Business Tips: Salesforce Interview Gary Vaynerchuk | San Francisco 2017

Business Tips: Salesforce Interview Gary Vaynerchuk | San Francisco 2017

Awesome Tip: Salesforce Interview Gary Vaynerchuk | San Francisco 2017

Here’s an interview I did on 15th March 2017 with Salesforce where we discuss the keys to success for salespeople and for those looking to get a sales job. If you want sales and growth advice, this is the interview for you.
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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 5 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 4-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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46 Replies to “Business Tips: Salesforce Interview Gary Vaynerchuk | San Francisco 2017”

  1. another great video!!! each and every video has that grail i am watching everything for. great stuff!!!
    and what i love the most about Gary – he punches u in your face with the truth with no filter!

    PS. why in video Gary says "…now in 2016" and in video title says "San Francisco 2017" ???

  2. summary of his logic: don't use all the tools i am telling you about to sell me your garbage, but feel free to take my advice when i tell you to go sell garbage online instead of getting an education or doing something transformative with your life, this dude is a dog chasing his tail, FAKE

  3. I really enjoyed this one. Sales is so about passion..I couldn't imagine someone working on sales without understanding that this is a lifestyle..not a 8 to 5 job. Would it be possible to share it in my blog? Thx

  4. TRIES TO BRING VALUE TO THE END USER! There it is! The holy grail and it's as old as time, bring value and you will get value. Put that together with one of Gary's first points; 'listen', and you actually have a relationship and that in the end will win long term. Actually give a crap about our customers and give them what they told you they want and you'll get what you need. Thanks to Salesforce and Gary.

  5. I've been in sales for 15 years and have always felt like an outsider. I've never viewed myself as a sales person, but more of a broker bringing the right clients together with the right product. I was never afraid to tell a customer that we were not the right fit and knew the relationship in the long term would always pay off better that way. great to hear Gary say he considers himself the anti-sales person. Been watching Gary for about 6 months now as I'm building towards a career change (still in sales). Thanks for the inspiration and I'm very much looking forward to tuning you out in about a month 😉

  6. Here’s some knowledge drops from this interview:

    ◘Branding and marketing is sales, but it’s top of the funnel for him.
    ◘Know your audience.
    ◘Know how you best communicate – audio, visual, written?
    ◘Be patient when you’re using a solid strategy, believe in what you’re doing
    ◘But also be prepared to listen to your gut
    ◘Try things out, and look for the Yes, not the No.
    ◘Love what you do and sales to make those sales.
    ◘Sincerely care about the customer and what they need.
    ◘Long term behavior, not short term.
    ◘Stop complaining, focus on what you need to do in front of you.

    Here's my next-step:
    Be patient with my strategy. There's so many things I want to try, so many Squirrel! moments, that I need to focus on what I know will work.

  7. GARRY AND TEAM! ((Question))
    I work for American Airlines and can travel around the world for dirt cheap! I have the entrepreneurial spirit but haven't found my passion yet. I want to use the benefits to start a business. I can vlog about traveling but I rather sell products then a service like travel tips… I can use some guidance.
    Thanks homie.

  8. Gary, do you have an endgame legacy such as investing your successes to feeding and clothing the less fortunate who aren't inherently "lazy?" Do you already do that and I'm just behind on my research? Or is the plan to just spout common sense to other salespeople who also live according to American consumerism and capitalistic endeavors until you die?

  9. I've recently started vlogging my personal Journey to a Million. Even though I haven't generated many views/subs I'm greatful to know I'm at least "doing" it and not thinking about doing it. I owe that to you Gary, Thanks! "Document >Create"

  10. Hate to be that guy, but Gary Vee has really motivated me to take action instead of just thinking. I made an animated book summary and it would mean the world if even just one of you guys could check it out.

  11. Gary some of the best stuff i have heard form you was the couple statements about Ideas you stopped working on "Daily GRapes" and what ev the other app was … good stuff shows your Human. I have closed a few things Bcit wasnt going to scale up to the Cash i wanted … Thanks for the content

  12. Great interview! I feel like the interviewer was trying to get Gary to give some short, concise answers that were unsubstantiated. But, he dug into those questions and brought out some truth and knowledge for everyone.

  13. I agree with your statement on what makes a good salesperson – it should not be about quotas. Larger transaction sales should be about building relationships, understanding your customer and how they like to communicate and then ultimately bringing them value that will make you their 'go-to' person. Sadly, most sales job postings focus on meeting near term sales growth numbers, etc.

  14. This was actually one of the most well articulated interviews and responses I've ever seen from you Gary! Your message is getting clearer and clearer everyday and you're mastering this thing. Love it. Much love!!

  15. 10:18 the example with the greatest hammer, screwdriver and wrench is scientifically proven non-sense: success in most domains today – sales included – is a team effort, and this approach of fitting together the very best, because they're the best will simply not fly – the idea is to be good at social intelligence, not extraordinarily smart – published a video on my channel on how Google experimented this with 100+ of their teams over 3 years (another good example is the space agency training for space missions – they simply can't send people into space just because they're super smart and hard working – they're always looking to form great teams)

  16. Just got let go from my last job today over some bullshit. Instead of crying and feeling sorry for myself i started looking for work right away and i already found an under the table job at a race track starting tomorrow. WORK FUCKING HARDER

  17. I'd like to get Gary's take on cold calls vs social selling. I don't understand social selling especially with CEOs and decision makers. Stephen Ross isn't going to read my blog post about how retail is shifting in real estate. I've got a much better shot of getting him on the phone.

  18. Hi Gary, I'm struggling to get past PA's to get meetings with potential clients to sell my new business. If I can get in front of people, I am able to secure a sale, but I'm struggling. I'm being patient, but feeling that I just don't know how to do the first part and get myself in front of people. These customers are schools, so social media isn't an option. Any advice? Thanks in advance for your time, Adele.

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