Business Tips: Here's why you're NOT going out of business

Business Tips: Here's why you're NOT going out of business

Awesome Tip: Here's why you're NOT going out of business

Get some perspective. One tweet isn’t going to kill you. Having a shitty product, on the other hand…

Does one bad tweet break a brand or is it about the overall quality of content?

This is an interesting thing to me, I am dumbfounded by the lack of knowledge around social media mishaps and quality content. BP oil spilled all of the fucking oil in the world into the Gulf of Mexico and you ass holes still fill up your fucking car with it and don’t get me wrong, so do I. But there is a complete lack of understanding of what actually cripples a business, and it’s not screwing up one tweet. The fact that billion dollar fucking brands sit in a room scared that one tweet that wasn’t so good, you aren’t going out of business idiot. I believe businesses with the right intent trumps all, we are all going to make mistakes.

Saying you’re sorry in today’s society, when none of us actually want to say sorry is so powerful. Sometimes I think about doing things wrong, just so I can come out and say I’m sorry, because that will give me a positive win for me. This is a ludacris conversation, of course, you are going to make mistakes. That’s what happens when a 22 year old is managing your social media and that’s okay you need to go out and own it and say you’re sorry. I promise you all the brands that are worried about their tweets, they need to worry about their product, because they have bigger issues on their hands, when they have a piece of shit product.

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9 Replies to “Business Tips: Here's why you're NOT going out of business”

  1. @Gary Vaynerchuk you are killing it with the micro content.  Starting to test Vine to create new micro-content.  True inspiration my friend. "Intent trumps all!" Foreshadowing of a new book possibly?

  2. Yeah, that make-a-mistake-just-to-say-sorry definitely struck a chord with me. In a world where everyone is being a douche because everyone else is, being that kind honest one will get you noticed. Damn you're good Gary. So onpoint.

  3. not true

    oneplus one – has best android pfone and it costs 299$

    but what is going to be sold more, sgs5 od oneplus?

    sgs5 🙂

    so fu$k the product, make good PR stuff and you will sell every shit you imagine

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