Business Tips: Here is How Amazon Put Borders Out of Business

Business Tips: Here is How Amazon Put Borders Out of Business

Awesome Tip: Here is How Amazon Put Borders Out of Business

The only way I’ve ever marketed is around lifetime value, and percentage of total wallet spend. Yes it starts with having a great product, but it is also about being able to tell your story in the context of the world you’re living in. Some people don’t acknowledge that world. Those people don’t eat.

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11 Replies to “Business Tips: Here is How Amazon Put Borders Out of Business”

  1. Lesson of the video: Want more ROI then your going to need more patience and exert more value. That was a crazy stunt dealt by Amazon.Nonetheless it all paid off

  2. What I do not understand is "why does Wal Mart not simply copy Amazon's strategy and build at least part of their business with online sales?". Why does it have to be either real world stores or online store. I could imagine traditional retailers should not have a major problem with shipping and logistics. If Wal Mart finally woke up it should be able to compete with Amazon. Also, why can you not order Ikea's furniture online? 

  3. While I like the idea of Walmart going out of business. But I don't like the idea that we become so lazy that we don't go to actual stores to buy our food and rather buy it online just because its "faster". If I am to work from home I wouldn't find it to be a problem to run out to the store to buy whatever it is I need rather than going to Amazon or digitized version of say Whole Foods Market. Now if say Best Buy doesn't make itself more like Amazon then I could see it struggling in the near future. One thing is for sure, Internet is great but ffs if it takes out physical grocery stores, then I think that's a bit too far. 

  4. Awesome video Gary!  Amazon will own retail, and for companies that are so focused on today, they're screwed!  Amazon is the only company that still has people buying their shares with no profit to show.  Investors are looking at the long term plan Amazon is executing for their ROI, very uncommon from typical wall street thought process.
    I have dealers and upfitters that want to know what my numbers are now.  What they can't wrap their heads around is exactly what you said, ""Everybody wants to know what the ROI is… right now and just because there isn't an ROI at this exact second… doesn't mean that it's not valuable to do."  I will keep doing what I'm doing because I'm building more value, and quietly positioning myself online.  When the dealers/upfitters realize the positioning that I've achieved.  They'll only have one choice at that point.

  5. Excellent, excellent way to place time into context. We truly believe in everything we do. More importantly we believe it is worth other people's time. Time is valuable so it's essential to have something valuable to offer.

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